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Camp SB 2013 is now history and what a wonderful footnote this year's camp leaves in our hearts and minds!  Thanks to all who attended from the Campers to the Staff! 

 If you have any questions or comments about past or upcoming camps feel free to Contact us.


Teaching Sessions:   

      This year the influence of the J.R.R. Tolkien’s book (and subsequent movies) The Lord of the Rings helped us develop our camp theme and speaker topics.  While Tolkien says consciously he never intended for his book to have any “spiritual” themes, he does admit that his Christian faith and personal beliefs did shine through in portions of his storyline “unconsciously.” Many have made considerable application from LOTR, whether for good or bad. Our Christian goal is always to know Jesus and his cross, but even Jesus used illustrations (sheep, soil, family relationships, wood in your eye, etc.), to make his point.

     At SB 2013 we let our speakers delve into the storyline of LOTR with a few of their own “conscious” insights for the sake of us seeing and knowing Jesus a little better.  We’ll always see Jesus most perfectly in the Bible, but maybe even small hobbits and evil rings may just open our eyes to see the things of Jesus more clearly. Again, LOTR is just a mythical tale spun by the creative mind of Tolkien for the pleasure of his readers. Nothing more. Nothing less.  We believe the same of the LOTR.  A book to read for pleasure.  Anything else derived that helps us spiritually is just “icing on the cake!”





Camp Shirts will be purple with white lettering!  We lost one of our SB leaders with the death of Cody

Alexander and one of the things we came to know about Cody Alexander is his love for the color purple.  So we decided to spread the color of purple around Camp SB 2013 to honor our late brother and friend Cody.




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